AB-ING OPTIMUM d.o.o Brodogradnja, remont brodova


The big part of the activities of the firms VRANJAK, Ltd. and AB-ING OPTIMUM, Ltd. is connected with shipbuilding towards which, besides the business connection, we feel strong personal connection imbued by the tradition that has been lasting for several years.
To be part of Croatian shipbuilding tradition and to build in the part of our knowledge and experience into technically comlex product as a ship – it was always a moment of chellange, but also of unhidden proud. In this moment we supply with our services the majority of Croatian shipyards and we perform our activities on all kinds of ships and objects:


Industrial, energetical and process plants and various steel constructions and objects are subject of activities of the firms VRANJAK, Ltd. and AB-ING OPTIMUM, Ltd..

Specialised teams with specially adapted equipment are able to carry out our services in all kinds of objects from which we must point out:

We suplly with our services  not only during the plant repair but also in the plants which are active, respecting the highest safety and ecological standards.