AB-ING OPTIMUM d.o.o Brodogradnja, remont brodova

AB-ING OPTIMUM, Ltd., situated in Novi Vinodolski, registered for shipbuilding and  building of floating objects was established in 2012 as a sister-firm of VRANJAK, Ltd. registered  for making and mounting metal constructions, and which had derived from the craft named MONTAŽA NOVI VINODOLSKI, registered for making and mounting metal constructions, tourism, trade and services. It had been established in 2000 by mr Josip Jovanović. Together with forming the new visual identity, we represent You our new web pages where you will find all the information about us and our services.


During the range of years the craft MONTAŽA  NOVI  VINODOLSKI whose successor is today the firm VRANJAK, Ltd., with mr Bernard Jovanović on its front, has been offering services in shipbuilding and mechanical engineering activities: repair, new building, machine-building industry and building off shore objects. Our recognizable servoce whose main characteristics are high quality and optional term of workmanship enable us to be constantly present in shipyards and industrial plants so by years our business has been increasing and also the number of our emploqees and with our serious and professional operation , we represent a serious business partner.

The firms VRANJAK, Ltd. and AB-ING OPTIMUM, Ltd. in this moment employ 145 employees:
- 2 graduate engineers   -1 graduate economist   -30 welders ( REL, MIG, MAG, TIG )
-30 ship-fitters   -8 locksmiths   -7 pipe-workers   -35 ferrymen and other supporting personnel.